Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Project Cappuccino v1.26.0 [Final] [Tentakero] PC | Mac

Project Cappuccino v1.26.0 [Final] [Tentakero] PC | Mac

project cappuccino game

Publisher Tentakero
Size 419 MB
Version v1.26.0

About Project Cappuccino Game

Project Cappuccino's Latest Version was released for Android, Windows, and Mac. You can download the game files for free and run them on your device.

In this role-playing visual novel game, you play the role of an employee in a cafe named Resting Bean Cafe & Inn.

project cappuccino game

You recently joined this job and you have been waiting for so long to get this opportunity now for you it feels like a dream that has come true.

There is so many young female characters who is also working in the cafe and the good thing is that you can interact with them, such as asking for help, playing missions together performing certain tasks, and much more.

The game has worked great on the Project Cappuccino game's graphics, you will interact with beautiful and high-quality graphics in this game.

Many details on the game's elements have been done by the developer of the game such as cute uniforms of the characters, animations, sound effects, and much more.

project cappuccino game

Here are some more details about the game's storyline:

At first, everything seems great with friendly coworkers, good pay, and a cute uniform. However, as you start working, you discover that the cafe has some mysterious secrets.

Teaming up with a character named "Sophie", you decide to investigate these mysteries.

The challenge is that your own desires become a distraction, making the investigation more difficult.

The game revolves around uncovering the secrets of the cafe while dealing with personal temptations and desires.

Now it's on the player how they want to build the game story, and you can do it by selecting the choice available on the game screen.

What is Project Cappuccino Gallery?

In the Gallery section, you can view some of the most interesting scenes of this game, all the scenes are saved in image format there is no animation or video currently.

By default, the Gallery is locked but as you progress in the game the content of the gallery section will unlocked.

How to Unlock Project Cappuccino Gallery?

There are so many ways to unlock the gallery in the Project Cappuccino game, one of the easiest ways to unlock all the content of the Project Cappuccino Gallery is by adding a patch file to your game folder, and downloading the patch file from this page.

Is there any Project Cappuccino 2?

The developer of the Project Cappuccino game has released part 2 of this game which is available on our website to download for free, once you complete this game you can download part 2 to continue the game story.

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