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Alansya Chronicles Fleeting Iris v1.13F (FINAL) [Heaven Studios]

Alansya Chronicles Fleeting Iris v1.13F (FINAL) [Heaven Studios]

alansya chronicles fleeting iris

Publisher Heaven Studios
Size 3.10 MB
Version v1.13F

Looking to Download and Play Alansya Chronicles Fleeting Iris game files? here is how can you download this game for your Android Smartphone and Windows for free of cost.

Most people call this game "Fleeting Iris" It is a game about a player (You) and a female character who you fall in love with in Japan.

alansya chronicles fleeting iris game

The game is filled with so many Japanese elements that keep the players engaged in the gameplay.

So if you played games that have Asian stories such as Snow Daze: The Music of Winter or Waifu Academy then you definitely going to love the storyline of this game.

About Alansya Chronicles Fleeting Iris

In the game you can change the name of the main character of your choice, let's say his name is Jake.

He is an FBI agent with a mission that takes him all the way to Japan. While working there, he meet a charming and mysterious girl named Ayame.

Despite being from different countries in the world, they find a connection and fall deeply in love.

Ayame (A female character in the game), having lost her mother two years ago and never having met her father, feels a sense of detachment from Japan.

alansya chronicles fleeting iris game

Jake proposes that she move to the USA with him, and she decides to take a leap of faith, leaving her past behind.

As the couple prepares for their upcoming wedding, a storm of deception, cheating, and corruption looms on the horizon.

You, as the player, will navigate the intricate web of relationships and decisions that will shape the course of their lives in this game.

One month before the wedding, you are faced with choices that will impact the story's outcome.

Will Jake and Ayame's love conquer the challenges, or will the shadows of deceit tear them apart?

Alanya Chronicles Fleeting Iris game offers a gripping narrative with twists and turns, exploring themes of trust, loyalty, and the consequences of choices made in the name of love.

The path you choose will determine the destiny of these two souls entangled in a web of intrigue and emotion.

For users who love to play romantic and emotional storyline games this is a great option for them, and if you liked the storyline then make sure to download the game file from this page at no cost.

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Game Minimum Requirement

Storage4 GB
5 GB
Processor2.0+ GHz2.3+ GHz
OSWindows 10, 11Windows 10, 11

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Download Alansya Chronicles Fleeting Iris Game?

From our website you can easily download the latest game file along with the gallery unlock file for free of cost, here is the complete easy step you can follow to download this game.

Step 1: Click on the Download button available on this page.

Step 2: On the next page wait while the download link is generated.

Step 3: Once the download link is generated click on it.

Step 4: Now the game file starts downloading on your device.

Step 5: Set up the game and start playing the game.

How Big is Alansya Chronicles Fleeting Iris Game?

The size of the current version of this game is 3.10 GB for Windows devices, so make sure you have at least 4 GB or more in order to play this game without any issues.

Can I Run Alansya Chronicles Fleeting Iris on Android?

There is no Android version of this game available currently you can wait unit the device decides to make an Android version of this game so that all the users with an Android smartphone can play this game.

Is there any Play this Fleeting Iris Game on IOS?

You cannot run this game on an iPhone because the developer didn't release an IOS version of this game, also IOS or iPhone didn't allow third-party installation.

How to Unlocked Gallery in Fleeting Iris Game?

If you wish to completely unlock all the galleries in this game then you need to talk to the shadowy figure in the bottom left inside the gallery this will result in unlocking all the content of the gallery,

Alansya Chronicles Fleeting Iris is an amazing game that has a unique storyline of a Japanese character and a strong love story between an American guy and a Japanese female.

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