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University of Problems v1.3.7 [DreamNow] Android | PC

University of Problems v1.3.7 [DreamNow] Android | PC

university of problems

Publisher DreamNow
Size 8.40 GB
Version v1.3.7

MOD Info

A simple gallery unlock script. Just place it in the game folder and everything should be unlocked.

Remember that this "mod" shouldn’t interfere with other mods.

If you use SanchoMod you really don’t need this little script unless you aren’t satisfied with the fully unlocked SanchoGallery.

Want to Download and Play the latest University of Problems game for your Android, Windows, and Mac device? From this post, you will be able to get the game file for free of cost.

The developer just released a new version of the University of Problems across all devices, if you want to play this game then keep reading this post.

university of problems game

Like people who like to play role-playing visual-novel games then this game will be the best option for you because of the unique storyline which is based on a young guy starting a new life in a famous university.

The game is available on many different platforms from where you can purchase and download the game, websites such as Itch, Patreon, and more.

If you do not have the budget to pay for this game but still want to play then you can use the download button available on this page.

About the University of Problems

university of problems game

You play the game as a young guy who just joined a popular University in his country he is looking to make new friends in the University, find interesting things, and complete missions.

In the beginning, you didn't believe that you really got accepted to this University but it's really happening and you're very excited to join your first day and meet new people.

In the University you meet so many new people some of them are male and some of them are female, as you progress in the game you make some female close friends.

As you play the game and progress you find out some dark secrets of the game which disturb you but the good thing is that you have the support of all of your friends in the University.

You also find a female close friend in the game and in the later part of the game's storyline you build a strong relationship with her.

There are so many activities in the game that you can do to keep yourself engaged in the game, some of them are fun and existing and some of them are mature activities.

The storyline of the University of Problems game is long and engaged that means for users who love to play games with long storylines such as Summertime Saga and Being A Dik this is a perfect option.

University of Problems Console Commands

Variables for MC:





Variables for girls:

for relationship point


and for love(heart) points


Note: The above console commands are only available in developer mode or when config. console is True, and can be accessed by pressing Shift+O.

How to Enable Console Commands in the University of Problems Game?

By following a few simple steps you can enable the console commands in the University of Problems game.

Step 1: Go to gamename/Renpy/Common/00console.rpy

Step 2: Press Ctrl+F and enter config.console (Finding this term)

Step 3: Set its variable to True

Step 4: so it should look like,

Step 5: config.console = True

Step 6: Save the file and Now the Shift+O should work.

How Big University of Problems Game is?

The Current size of the game is 1.16 GB for Android smartphones and 8.40 GB for Windows PCs and Apple Macs, to get the latest game files you can use the download button on this page.

Is the University of Problems Game Available on Android?

The developer of this game has launched the Android version because of this you will be able to play the game on an Android smartphone after downloading and installing the game.

What is the Latest Version of the University of Problems?

The latest version of the game has been released across devices such as Android, Windows, and Mac, if you want to access the game files for free then click on the download button available beginning of this post.

How Long University of Problems Gameplay is?

The average gameplay length of this game is 8-9 hours but remember that the number of hours could change depending upon the speed of you completing missions and engaging with other characters available in the game.

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