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The Star Cove Incident v1.01 [Smiling Dog] | Android/PC

The Star Cove Incident v1.01 [Smiling Dog] | Android/PC

the star cove incident game

Publisher Smiling Dog
Size 145 MB
Version v1.01


The Star Cove Incident - In this game, you will be playing the character of a young guy who lives on a small island named "Star Cove", approximately 450 people are living on this small island and all of them are living a normal life.

The storyline of the game goes something like this:

After completing your studies, you decide to move to your hometown, live with your mother and father, and support your family business.

There are no high-level jobs available in your hometown and most people usually work as fishermen and salt farmers, some work as fishmongers, and some others work in the sea near the island.

If you want to fulfill your daily needs then you need to do all kinds of jobs available nearly you.

While working in a local shop you fall in love with a female character in the game and soon you both get in a relationship.

Throughout the gameplay, you can play missions, interact with many other characters, and play side missions.

Smiling Dog who is the developer of this game has added an amazing storyline to this game which will keep you engaged in the gameplay and I'm sure you also going to like the game's storyline.

The newest version of this game is available to download and play on Android, Windows, and Mac devices.

Using the link available above you could download the latest version of this game.

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