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Iust Doll Plus (v37.2) [Indivi] Download All Device

Iust Doll Plus (v37.2) [Indivi] Download All Device

lust doll plus

Version v37.2
Size420 MB
Downloads 100K+
Released on 20-Feb-2019
Updated on 08-May-2022
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About Iust Doll Plus

Do you want to Download the Lust Doll Plus game for your Android, PC, Mac, and Linux devices?

Indivi is a visual novel game developer and has created a game called Lust Dolls Plus, the game is free to download and play free, players can download the latest version of this game from our site or from

The game is developed with a simple concept and the game contains a big map where players can visit from one room to another.

The developer created a virtual world and he called his world a post-apocalyptic semi-modern/future world,

At the beginning of the game, the player will find his/her character in an empty room where the character is confused and lost his memories, even the character didn't wear any clothes so as you progress in the game you can buy clothes and apply it to your game character.

At the start of the game, you will get the option to customize your character and make it look just what you like,

Some of the best customizations you to do with your characters are height, furry/human body, type of cock (horse/dog), kemonomimi ears and tail, wings, teeth, and even the color of the inside of your mouth (Some people like to do it because of some reason).

After completing the customization process now you can move on to the next location and find some interesting items, fight with the enemies, and also make friends which going to help you to complete more missions.

How to Play Lust Doll Plus?

Once the user downloads and installed the game files on an Android device they can easily run the game by using the keyboard,

Using your keyboard keys you can move from one location to another, if there is an enemy like Slim, they can use different attacks from the options like you can use "Attack" or "Tease" to knock out the enemy.

The higher the level of your attacks and tees, the higher your chances of winning the game, if you have a low level you can use an option called "run away".

Locations in the Game

To find out interesting items, and clothes, and fight with the enemies you can visit some of the most amazing locations in the game,

Abandoned Town, Abandoned Town, Forest Park, Ruined Lab, New Ark, Island, New Ark, Sewers, New Ark Slums, Underground Mall, Upper New Ark, Transylvania, Graveyard, Manor, Succubus Tower, Transylvania, Meat parasites nest

Players can request a game developer on Patreon to add more interesting things to the game, Users can also support developers by becoming Patreon members.

Plenty of Interesting Items in the Lust Doll Plus

While playing the game and fighting with enemies you will find so many different types of items available in the game, some of the items can be worn or applied to the game's characters, like fancy clothes and toys to wear,

One of the weird things about the items you find in the game is that you can even put on or wear items to hide your private parts, it might sound weird but some users love this feature a lot.

Minimum Requrement of Lust Doll Plus

The average size of the game is just 400 MB and because of this use does not require a high-spec device to run the game, if your current device is comparable with the minimum requirement which is mentioned below then you can play the game in high FPS and smoothly.

Specs Android PC/Mac
Storage 300 MB 500 MB
GPU 2.2 GHz 2.5 GHz
OS Android 8+Windows 10 or More
Processor Snapdragon 695 or moreIntel i3 10th Gen or more

Lust Doll Plus FAQs

Can I Play Lust Doll Plus on Android?

Four years before the game is available on limited devices, for Android and Mac device users, but now anyone with an Android device can play the game by downloading the game apk file and installing it.

What is the Latest Version of Lust Doll Plus?

The latest version of the Lust Dolls Plus game is vr37.2 which is released on 08 May 2022, the developer of this game has added many bugs and interesting characters, locations, and items in this update.

If you are still playing the old version then make sure to update it with the latest version by downloading the game files from our site.

Is Lust Doll Plus an Offline Game?

The game is designed for offline play and because of this, players can play the game without having to enable an internet connection.

Download Lust Doll Plus

If you are still confused about whether you should play the game or not, then I recommend you to give it a try and complete some missions I'm sure that you will love to play the upcoming missions.

I hope that this post helps you to download the Lust Doll Plus game for your Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux devices, Once you completed the game then you can also play Town of Passion or Solvalley School.